Crypto payments
for the internet

Decentralized crypto payment solution for business, ecomerce and organizations. Our software allows you to quickly and securely pay with any crypto for goods using Metamask or any other cryptocurrency wallet.

How it works


Unified platform

Seamless integration with all-in-one crypto payment solution. A payment processor that facilitates the acceptance of crypto as a form of payment for goods and services. It serves as an intermediary between merchant's online store and the customer tho wants to make an payment using crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other crypto event your custom tokens.

Why 0xGo

Any crypto

Receive payments in any cryptocurrency: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Stablecoins, BNB and even erc20-based tokens such as PEPE, Shiba etc.


Automatic conversion to the chosen cryptocurrency using DeFi protocols. Ability to set several targets for withdrawal of funds.

Free to use

OxGo is free to use. The only cost is a 1% commission on each transaction in the system.

Easy integration

Many free integration options. No-code and low-code solutions: plugins for popular ecommerce platforms. RESI api and SDK for developers.

Compatible with any platform

We are able to integrate virtually any platform with our system. Feel free to ask


Advanced analytics and dashboards in 0xGo platform available for free.